Your monthly gift of $ 35.00 will help remove the mud for hundreds of families in need around the world. You can establish a friendly relationship with them, save their lives and have a new family. 

How my gift helps children and families in need?

Education, Health Care, Agriculture,  Food and Special Care, Etc.
  • Education. Maranatha Kids International Relief provides preschool education for children of these families, where they are given love and are taught to be productive members of society. We provide school supplies such as pencils, books, notebooks, books, bags , etc.
  • Healthcare. Maranatha Kids Relief International together with its sponsors to maintain their children and families in excellent health. Providing facilities such as: medical care in general, access to vaccines and so on. We train these families to improve family education.
  • Agriculture and Food. Many times the families with their children come to us with chronic malnutrition and disease. Maranatha Kids International Relief gives them the ability so they may have a hot meal on their tables every day. All thanks to the sponsors that one day decided to give love. In addition they provide seeds for farming, the equipment needed to work the land and special techniques for developing the field, all of this thanks to our group of agronomists.
  • Special Care.  Many of these families live in places where poverty forces them to live a precarious existence and emptiness. Their houses are without floors, no windows, most of the time with a broken roof, they are prone to rain, cold and heat living in a threatening and dangerous environment, most of the time the toilet is not in the best sanitary conditions to be used.  Maranatha Kids International Relief is grateful to the  sponsors who provide these families with a home where they can feel safe.

Yes! I want to sponsor a family and make a difference in their lives!